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The project brand


Project  = Purpose

Have you wondered why all our brand name ends with a suffix "PROJECT" its because it carries a backstory .We were looking up for amazing names for our brand and we were sitting down and figuring out what do we name it ,we came up with multiple funky names but that didn't represent our core value our "PURPOSE" ,then we realised we wanted build not just any other brand but a brand with a purpose .So we felt building a brand with a great amount of responsibility was like a project that we've taken in our entrepreneurship journey and we are making sure whenever we hear our brand name it keeps constantly reminding us of purpose why we do this and how we need to do this.

The Full Story

Are you tired of unhealthy and polluting products flooding the market ?

Are you tired of researching for a brand that you can consume without guilt ?

Your search ends here ! And we mean it !

Yes we are a brand that believes in taking conscious choices both healthy and eco friendly .We strive to source the cleanest and the best ingredients that you could consume without guilt .

It all started with our first brand "The juicy project" when we were looking to provide consumers with juices free of chemicals ,sugars and preservatives,people initially didn't believe we would be able to provide a preservative free product but we found out a way to reach people with our subscription model .With our unique subscription model we helped people them consume fresh coldpressed juices at their doorsteps on regular basis .Our thirst for providing the consumers with the best possible products started growing

and we are launching an umbrella of brands to keep our mission growing. 

We want our brand to be your first choice when it comes to your purchase of products.We represent our brand with "PROJECT" is because our mission to have only the right ethical products ,We are wanting to change the way people consume with one product at a time. 

Come join our ethical revolution and look forward for us to launch amazing our amazing new products.

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